So, upon cleaning out some (more) files, I came across some materials from my psychology courses in college. Kiersey’s personality or temperament types was among them. At that time I scored as an INFP, I’m going to take it again, because one can certainly change over the course of six years. Update to come.

I took it. I was “the artist” this time…but then I took it from a different site and am awaiting the results. So it’s not an infallible science, but it’s not altogether inaccurate.

Results in. INFP. I guess I didn’t change that much. I wonder about the source that told me I was an artist. The difference was only one letter though: ISFP. So the difference is whether I trust intuition or concrete sensory experience? Well, it depends…hence the disparity, but evidently I’m for sure introverted (do ya think) I definitely rely on feeling over thinking…hello impulsive emotional reactions, and I’m more inclined to perceive than to judge. These things fit very well.

It’s the sensing versus intuition (the S or the N) that apparently waivers. That makes sense to me. Sometimes I trust my intuition, other times I don’t and I have to rely on concrete sensory observation. This is the same sticking point I had in philosophy when I had to decide between rationalism and empiricism. I wasn’t able. I’m still not able. So perhaps my personality is split. Perhaps I’m a little more complicated than Kiersey or Myers & Briggs wanted. Maybe there isn’t a clear black or white here, maybe I’m just a lovely shade of gray. At least in one area.

What are you?