For class, you will each create and maintain your own blog.  I will at times specify a topic for the week or I may leave it open. Open topic does not mean you get to simply ramble about hacking the vids, it needs to have some intellectual merit. Some. Opt to reflect on something related to class, something related to writing, language, rhetoric, media, fishing, facebook taking over the world, whatever. Just make it thoughtful. In the world of blogging, certain formalities are often overlooked, so don’t get too hung up on punctuation and grammar, but do not simply throw it out either.

Please note: I have set up a video bar from youtube that features various ever-changing videos with the keywords: writing, grammar, literature for you to peruse. Go take a look, but realize that I cannot guarantee the quality or content of these videos is above reproach. Some are fantastic, others are not.

You will also find links; click ’em.  They’re there for you to check out. Your blog should also have links to things you find interesting, relevant to class, school, etc.

I suggest using your isd284 email to set up your blog, so you get in the habit of using it. It also makes it easy for me to identify you. However, if you’re still a holdout, use whichever email you’re used to using and will remember. I use my personal email and password because it’s connected to my other blogs, documents, email, and home page, so it simplifies the process for me. You’re welcome to do the same.

Assignment part 1: Create your own blog using Blogger and your school isd284 email (or other). You may have a blog already, that’s awesome, keep up with that one, even add a link between that one and this new one. I expect that you will use good judgement when it comes to what you post. Play with colors, templates, fonts, gadgets, and give it a snazzy title -really make it your own. Feel free to personalize it, add gadgets and tools, but do keep in mind that what you publish online must be appropriate as it isn’t confidential.

*make sure your blog is fully set up, recognized, and functioning before you send me your link. 

Assignment part 2: E-mail me from your isd284 email account (or the one you used for your blog) so you can snag a space on the much coveted contact list. Put your first and last name in the subject line and put a link (I want the full URL) to your blog in the body of the e-mail.

My URL is this:  
Yours will be similar.

Assignment part 3: Post to your blog! Introduce yourself. Write a fair amount, not just: “Hey, this is my blog, woot woot!”go ahead and write about anything else that might be swimming in your brain too. It’s the inaugural post. Go for it. Post by Friday 3pm.