Due Wednesday 7:30 am on your blog.

Clean up your initial reaction to the question of why I write (something we’ll do in class on Tuesday) and be sure to address/include the following:

With which author can you most identify: Orwell, Didion, or Goldberg (from class Tues) and why?
Quote some of the text from that author’s piece that demonstrates what you most like about it.
Why do you write? Explore the reasons and/or conditions for your own writing.

This will be officially assigned in class on Tuesday, but those of you who like to know what’s coming or want to work ahead, you may do so but you will still be required to be writing something during the alotted time in class tomorrow.

No length requirement but consider this: long enough to be significant, short enough to read without needing to take a Facebook break. This is an informal writing assignment (one of many) but I will be reading it and giving you credit based on your work. It’s mostly based on completion, but it does need to be quality completion. The due date and time is because we’ll be looking at them in class on Wednesday, so you’ll need to have yours done and posted.