As you’re learning the ropes of Blogger, please consider the contrast between your background and your text. Some designs might seem like a good idea until you have a whole page of it…then you find yourself suffering from eye strain. If you have a super awesome background and you’ve made the background of the posting box transparent, either make sure your text is fully visible and easy to read or consider making the background of the post only semi-transparent. Also, if you’re using bright colors for the text color…reconsider. darker text on a lighter background is easier to read. I realize that mine has a dark background and white text, but I’m also not posting essay-length pieces to be read. Few of you will even read what I post anyway. One more thing, when you bold your text and it’s small, it all just runs together.

To summarize, read and look at other blogs so you can best design yours to be eye-ball friendly.