The College Board has just recently announced that they are no longer deducting points for incorrect responses on the multiple choice portion of the AP exam. That’s good news. Previously on top of just not getting the point for a question, you also lost a fraction of a point for each incorrect response resulting in a lower-than-you-actually-got score. Now, it’s fair and square. Huzzah.

In case you haven’t yet taken advantage of my links to College Board online, here are a few helpful reminders that they offer about this course and about the exam.

How to Read

How to Write

Last year’s exam has been released and you’ll be able to find it on their website along with answers and scoring guides. I have others as well. Also remember than the Princeton Review and Kaplan make great study books that have explanations, terms, vocabulary, practice tests with answer keys and explanations. These are worth their weight in gold. Go get one. If you cannot afford one, let me know and I’ll hook you up.