Write a blog post in response to “The Inner Ring” (see previous blog post) before noon on Saturday (or sometime this weekend).

Read and annotate George W. Bush’s 9/11 speech (linked on my website)

Read EAA Chapter 19 on Logical Fallacies (I recommend taking notes, but have no specific requirement for you to do so).

We’ll be working with both the Bush speech and Ch 19 on Monday and into Tuesday.

You also have a vocab quiz on Monday (students responsible for the definitions and quiz questions really need to get on it, I’ve only received a few…) and  next week I’ll ask to see your “Research Log” for your Blog Study Project. I’m not looking to see that you’ve invested hours and hours and pages and pages, I am looking to see that you have invested some hours and some pages and that you’re pretty well acquainted with your blog of choice at this point.