Another year comes to a close just like last December and the Decembers prior and the Decembers yet to come…well at least until 2012 I’m told. I think we at least need to get to 2015 so we can see if we really do end up with hover boards and flying cars like in Back to the Future: Part II. Great Scott, I digress.

Normally this is the time when people decide to turn over a new leaf, to reinvent themselves, to make plans for the next year because it’s going to be different. They’re finally going to do all those things they’ve been meaning to do for the past 12 months (and probably 12 years). As cynical as this is beginning to sound, I don’t think making resolutions is bad, it’s just that we reflect on our failures and vow not to repeat them and then we do just that: repeat them.

I guess it comes down to etymology.

1 intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan; commitment, pledge, promise.
2 motion, proposal, proposition, resolve.
3 determination, purpose, purposefulness, resolve, resoluteness, single-mindedness, firmness, firmness of purpose; steadfastness, staunchness, perseverance, persistence, indefatigability, tenacity, tenaciousness, staying power, dedication, commitment; stubbornness, doggedness, obstinacy, obduracy; boldness, spiritedness, braveness, bravery, courage, pluck, grit, courageousness; informal guts, spunk; formal pertinacity.

So, what, we try to do something or not do something this time around? “Oh, well, at least I tried.” Or we are resolved, determined, we are pledging in spirited, spunky boldness to stay true to our commitment to do or not do x, y, and z. But what of our failures and why at this time? New year. New you. But every Monday marks a new work week; every Friday marks a new weekend; and every dawn marks a new day. Sure, make a resolution, or ten. Give it a good shot. Make some improvements for the better, there’s honor in that. But in March when the commitment fizzles, remember that you could just try again the next week, the next month, the next day. There’s no need to leave all of our resolving for this one 24 hour span.

Do I have resolutions? I suppose I do. They’re the same things that have come up at various times throughout the year, throughout the past years. Those “I really oughtta…” things. Are there new ones? I don’t know yet. Let’s see what comes up in March.