I love blogs.

This little blog is in it’s third year of existence. Before it came two other… “training blogs” we’ll call them. What you’ll find here are assignments, links to helpful sites and sources, ramblings, and other entertaining-to-quite-entertaining things. I will post and I will expect you to read. Sometimes those posts will be assignments, but not always. I frequently post links and videos to things I think are interesting (and think you should read or view). I will be clear about what is and is not an assignment but you need to be aware of what is here regularly and what is new and also (wait for it) what I said in class.

Take a tour around. Notice there is a glossary page, links to grammar stuff, news feeds, and a place where your blogs will all be linked. You will create your own blog using blogger, tublr, wordpress, or whatever you prefer and you will e-mail me your blog’s URL so I can link to it.

If you browse the archives you’ll see all sorts of things that may or may not be relevant to us this semester. Assignments and courses evolve, so some of the things that past AP Compers have done may or may not show up during your stay here.

I would recommend that you subscribe to my blog so that you automatically get updates when I post, but at the very least link back to my blog from yours and/or bookmark my blog so you can easily find it.

Happy blogging!