Sorry folks, I forgot to collect your CRJs today. Well, 1st block, this mostly applies to you. It was mid-passing time when I realized this fatal mistake. I explained my realization to block 2. In an effort to be fair, I decided to collect them tomorrow instead of collecting some from one class today and some from the other class tomorrow. I hope you understand. Hey, I cut all y’all some serious slack on the blogging front.

Here’s how this will go down:

Tomorrow, you will skip into class with a smile plastered onto your bright-and-shining face because you love AP Lang/Comp already, and you will produce, with a flourish, your glimmering specimen of a CRJ before I forget. Again.

Notice, I said CRJ. As in, just one. You wrote a CRJ for Didion and one for Orwell. Two of them. I just want one and you may choose which one to give me. It will be a for-points thing, but I know you’re still getting the hang of it.

Capisce? Bene. That’s in Italian BTW, and BTW means “by-the-way” in teenage/texting slang.

Do you want to drop my class yet? Ha. Too bad.