These days are so short! I had big plans to do other things in addition to what we did, but that’s okay. You did a nice job with your small group discussions, statement-writing, and collective annotating. Aren’t some of those ads crazy?

What we were going to do in addition to what we did, was read a couple interesting articles that we’ll now read tomorrow. No big deal. And we were also going to look at this website: The Image Deconstructed. specifically the Ants, Art, and Ashtrays one that chronicles the process of creating an ad. Snoop around this site on your own, there’s much to learn.

It’s true, you have no homework tonight. Take this opportunity to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with the blog you found and followed (or maybe go find a better one if you’ve discovered that the original one you chose is boring or inconsistent or never updated). We’ll be talking more about what you’ll eventually be doing with this blog pretty soon, but remember that end product isn’t due until the very end of the semester. Something that will be coming up a little sooner (but still not immediately) is a visual essay. It’s cool, I promise. I mean, it’s going to take work, but hopefully it’s work that you’ll enjoy. That will be due after winter break. You’ll get the details of that next week.

Also, I love this image: