Why do I need to have these?
Because you just do. Trust me.

Block 1
(This is all I received. Also, some groups did not follow directions and select 1-3 sentence passages, but instead chose entire paragraphs.)

Section 1 (we heard them all)

Section 2
p. 257 paragraph 20 “I was…did it not?”
p. 258 paragraph 26 “My most…to possess them.”

Section 3
p. 261 paragraph 34 “I looked…pigeonholed.” (evidently the whole paragraph)
p. 262 paragraph 39 “As…jocular” (the other group says the whole paragraph)
p. 262 paragraph 39 “As I had done…run with the swift.” (again, whole paragraph)

Section 4
p. 264 paragraph 50 “For here I am now, standing in a new…” (they selected a HUGE chunk)
p. 265 paragraph 52 “I may have been born a Chinese baby…for me to have remained Chinese.”

Block 2

Section 1
p. 252 paragraph 2 “Some are born white…thrust upon them.”
p. 252 paragraph 4 “The meaning of ‘American’ has…fixed in whiteness.”
p. 253 paragraph 7 “Who made their way…”
p. 254 paragraph 8 “Slap! I was out of the womb and sprinting…eyes forward, never backward.”

Section 2
p. 255 paragraph 13 “No one had warned me…the great labors of fitting in.”
p. 255 paragraph 13 “Suddenly I could no longer…private concept of self.”
p. 256 paragraph 14-15 “It was essential…suffice as explanation.”
p. 258 paragraph 24 “Chinese families…beside the point.”

Section 3
p. 260 paragraph 26 “I recently dug up a photograph…tucked the wrong way into the wrong slacks.”
p. 261 paragraph 36 “Nor did it ever occur…”
p. 263 paragraph 46 “It has taken me until now…not always necessary.” 
p. 264 paragraph 48 “By the time I left Yale…”

Section 4
p. 265 paragraph 50 “I can speak some Mandarin…claim to be Chinese at the core.”
p. 266 paragraph 53 “This, we must remember… something new is emerging from the torrent…”
p. 266 paragraph 53 “America is white no longer…” (2x)