Cardinal rule of academia and publication: give credit where credit is due.

Regardless of your intent or the circumstances surrounding your use of images, ideas, texts, etc., if it isn’t an original creation of yours, you must give credit to the source from which you are using it. Period.

Your visual essay project requires you to cite your sources. It’s not tied to a giant chunk of points, which is presumably why some of you may have overlooked it. In higher academia (eh, hem, upper levels of high school and for sure college) it’s assumed that you must cite sources. That’s the status quo. That’s a given. That’s a non-negotiable. You just do it. Always. I’ve been saying that you need to cite all images that are not public domain since the beginning of this assignment. But that feels like a hundred years ago, I know. If you haven’t yet provided your works cited, get on that. Stick it on your blog at the end of your process analysis post or something. Again, not because it’s worth a chunk of points on your project but because without doing this, you’ve plagiarized your whole video and thus would deserve a zero. So I won’t give you a zero, I just won’t give you credit for your project unless/until you provide a simple works cited. For this particular project and collection of sources, I imagine a list of URLs for your images would suffice, since it’s published live on your blog and simply clicking on the URL leads anyone back to the place you found it.

Don’t be a thief. Give credit to your sources.