Wow. I miss you guys.

Here’s what we’d do today if we had class: make fun of how badly Rush Limbaugh stuck his foot in his mouth upon first calling a young woman any number of variations on the word “slut” and suggesting things even worse, and then attempting to retract his statements and apologize for… getting in trouble for it. That’s right, not an iota of sincerity. Not that he had much ethos after his initial comments anyway, but he basically cupped what was left of it and heaved it out the window, guffawing about the splat it would make on the sidewalk below with his follow-up comments.

I would keep the article and use it when September rolls around again, (indeed, I just made a PDF of it) but, alas, by then its exigence will have long since vanished into the ether. Nobody will remember that Sandra Fluke gal, and all this birth control legislation will be yesterday’s news. I’ll just have to wait for another media personality to say something stupid. Shouldn’t take too long.

Who am I kidding, this will probably go down in history as one of the biggest media debacles ever and if “the abortion issue” is any testament to the lifespan of this kind of back-and-forth debate when it comes to matters of women’s reproductive rights, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing about this for a while.

Ah, without further ado, here is the link to Limbaugh’s “apology” and a brilliant analysis of it. See, you could write snappy rhetorical analyses for your job. You could get paid to channel Bitzer and Orwell and make fun of public figures for saying/doing dumb things! It could be amazing!