I got an email Prokott got an email (and then blogged this and then I stole it) from the College Board with some notes about distribution, and I’ll be able to see your individual scores at the beginning of July. But here’s what I know so far:

  • The AP Language Exam has the highest number of students who take it (430,000). This, of course, makes sense, because AP Lang is the best class in the Universe.
  • Three students out of those 430,000 earned perfect scores. We hate them, and we are allowed to. They obviously cheated, or are Martians.
  • 10.9% earned a 5.
  • 20.2% earned a 4.
  • 28.9% earned a 3.   (This means that 60% passed; keep in mind that Wayzata typically scores higher than the average bear.)
  • 28.0% earned a 2.
  • 12.0% earned a 1.
  • Question one was the easiest (synthesis), and question 3 was the most difficult (free response–with the quotations).
  • Many students performed poorly on the Kennedy speech because they only analyzed style rather than style and purpose. Hopefully, you were one of the students who realized that form, audience, and purpose are all critical to completing a rhetorical analysis, and that style doesn’t matter unless you connect it to rhetorical purpose. (I’m only saying that to make you nervous. I’m evil like that.)

You will soon know if it paid off to “get a little ballsy” on those responses.

Happy summer!