Mark Bauerlein asserts that today’s under-30 crowd is the dumbest generation, but are we? Sure we have an inclination toward the defensive, but maybe there’s some truth to this. Or maybe it’s the usual inter-generational misunderstanding.

This article seems to support Bauerlein’s position; it certainly offers some other interesting ideas. And it offers a quiz to see how dumb you are. THAT IS SO MEAN! Ha. No, seriously, would you pass the citizenship test? Take the quiz and see.

Also, fair warning: tomorrow you will be engaging in a debate. Not to worry! You’ll have a little time to prepare your opening statement and all that good stuff so you won’t end up like such as this:

Now, I fully admit that I am not the most eloquent speaker, and probably say and do all kinds of annoying things when I’m rambling on in front of the class…hey, I’m only human, and public speaking is difficult for most people. Still though, the ability to form and articulate a position in a short amount of time is rather important because you never know when you’ll be running for Miss Teen USA.