For your next essay, you will critically analyze the glittering rhetoric of some article. I have a bunch to get you started, but I’m probably going to add a few more and maybe remove a few that are lame. Perhaps you will find one that you’d rather analyze than the ones provided for you. Fine.

Here’s a link to that website that I’m supposed to  be phasing out. Find the yellow box called “Rhetorical Analysis” toward the bottom left; articles are located there. Length shouldn’t be a factor in deterring or enticing you.

I will explain in more detail tomorrow (Tuesday) and give you The Assignment Sheet (which is epic, by the way) that articulates exactly what you need to do. After we finish the presentations tomorrow, you’ll have time to browse and Wednesday will be a day of annotations and analysis.

Right, and we’ll do a bunch of vocab on Wednesday, because I’ve been neglecting it. And I’ll collect your scored Jesse Jackson essays. And we’ll rejoice that we have Thursday and Friday off.

Except that EVERYONE WILL BE GONE FOR THAT SILLY PSAT TEST! So vocab will just have to wait. Again. Ugh. Look for an update that tells you what to do for your MEA weekend blog post and probably some other stuff, too.