Some humor for you as you agonize over your grades and how you must wait to learn what they are:

I LOVE GEORGE ORWELL.                                      

I’m whittling away at the pile of things this-needing-to-graded this weekend. So don’t e-mail me every five minutes about your grade–in fact, don’t email me about it at all–it will fluctuate as I enter things. Once things are finalized, do let me know if you see that something is missing, that I have accidentally given you 500 points or 5 points instead of 50 or something like that. Have patience. Go get one of those pretentious, indulgent salted caramel thingys at Caribou. They’re amazing. They will wipe everything else from your mind. You will not worry about anything at all as you sip on your overpriced beverage with the fancy name.