Do we need to stage an intervention? Because we can.

Additionally, please read this post of mine from last year. It links to several things about font and, of course, about Comic Sans. There’s a game, some cartoons–good stuff. Enjoy! 

And in case you’d like to enrich yourself with some font-study, go here:

And lest you think font and typography are still superfluous things that we only discussed today because I wanted “something light” to kick off the new term, read this: This stuff is real, people.

And browse this:

You see, there is an entire world of people like me who are fascinated by fonts.

Still more:

Also, offered up for your continued consideration/information/entertainment/indoctrination:

Now, before you get all inspired and go join the Comic Sans Nation, think twice. That’s the motto for this week, right? THINK TWICE. The video is not a sincere appeal for you to defend the font, but rather, an indictment. If you missed this, perhaps it needs a sarc mark.