Remember how you need to find a book to read for term 2 BLA? Remember what I told you about how to find the right kind of book? Remember the criteria for it?

  • It must be nonfiction
  • It must be argument-driven
  • It must be book-length (as in, continuous, not a collection of short works)

BLA does stand for Book Length Argument, after all, so you must find just that. I spent the last ten minutes sniffing around for some books to add to my list. Here’s what I found:

Blink, Outliers, Tipping Point (pretty much anything Gladwell)
The Silenced Majority
The New Jim Crow
The Swerve
Twilight of the Elites
The Price of Inequality
What’s the Matter with White People
Better Off Without ‘Em
The Party is Over
Half the Sky (yes, this is what the documentary is based on, but don’t assume they’re the same)
The Digital Divide
The Shallows
Eating Animals
The Ethics of What We Eat
Who Stole the American Dream
American Lion: Andrew Jackson
The God Delusion 
The Purity Myth
Culture of Fear 
Nickeled and Dimed
The Beauty Myth
The Body Project

Politics? Pop culture? History? Economics? Food? Digital things? There’s something for everyone, people. Something for everyone.

I have plenty of copies of Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, The Gatekeepers, Outliers.  And I have maybe a few copies of Fast Food Nation, Savage Inequalities, Amusing Ourselves to Death, Nickeled and Dimed.

By Tuesday 11/20, you need to know which book you want to read and who else is in your group. I will be back that day and I will ask you. There will be a sign-up. It will be great.

Don’t hastily choose a book just cuz other people are or just cuz it’s one I have. There are a lot of interesting books out there. Look for them. Just remember the criteria and the examples I offered–not every nonfiction book will fit the bill. If there’s a book you’re interested in and it’s not on this list, you should definitely run it by me.