Um, fix your family member “character profiles.”

Most that I read were too short, too one-dimensional, and too superficial. “Grace” is the model for this assignment and I expected (still expect) to see writing that was (is) substantive, thoughtful, artfully crafted, detailed, interesting, and voice-driven. Only a few stand out in my mind as meeting that criteria: shout out to Michelle, Marissa, Rizwan, and Sophie. Everyone else: go read their blogs and then re-do yours.

I love you guys but GET IT TOGETHER. You’re better writers than this. Just because something is on your blog does not mean that you should slack on it–exactly the opposite is true. AP formers can vouch for this. Invest. Invest in your blog. Write like you mean it. Every time. Write. Don’t just park a few ideas there and call it a day. It’s not a journal, a diary, a Facebook status feed, it’s your vehicle to improve your writing, to take risks, to try out different techniques, “voices,” approaches. So if you still haven’t added links, played with your layout until your eyes begin to cross and the clock blinks 3am at you, what are you waiting for? Some of you, it seems, are not really getting the point of what we’re doing in this class. It seems that you are dragging your heels, digging in at every opportunity, resisting. KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!

Mini rant over. Go write something better than what you had before.