As you are a-hunting for style this weekend, consider your own writing style. Who do you write like? Who do you want to write like? Visit this site if you’re curious: I Write Like but beware! It may quickly become an obsession. It is not particularly scientific or infallible, but it probably has some merit. Plus it’s fun.

Update: I just put a chunk of an Orwell essay into the “analyzer.” Turns out Orwell writes like Vonnegut. Interesting. I figured Orwell would write like Orwell, but whatever. Prokott and I both write like H.P. Lovecraft. Which makes sense because we often comment on being THE SAME PERSON but neither of us is familiar with this author, though I very much like the name.

Make sure you visit to find the Incredibly Tedious Guide for Identifying Style in Nonfiction and the list of helpful words to characterize tone. They’re at the bottom of that blue section.

Your blog post for this week is open topic. Write like you. Write like the author you aspire to write like. Write in a style that is altogether different from your own. But write. Recently, many of you have been writing really, really good blog posts — your style is emerging, your voice is driving the content, you’re owning what you write. Brilliant! Some of you are maybe sorta still just kinda writing stuff, and that’s okay too. You know, if you don’t want to grow and improve yourself.

As for me and my weekend, we will be knee-deep in your rhetorical analysis essays because I told you that you’d get them back before break. And that’s next week. And I really want to make that happen. And they’re not done yet. Not even halfway. AND I FEEL SO GUILTY ABOUT IT. So yeah.

Fun update that you probably don’t care about: I finally have electricity AND running water in my kitchen. And actual walls–they’re almost painted too. And I have carpet upstairs now instead of gross, bare subfloor. I am ecstatic. I might actually be able to cook something this weekend for the first time since September! It’s nice to sort of almost have an actual house and not simply a rudimentary structure in which to live. Any design divas out there want to help me decorate? Any outstanding artists wish to create some lovely and unique mural? Want to create an inspiration board for me on Pinterest? Anybody got some sick skillz on the jigsaw willing to do some trim work? No? You’ll be watching a marathon of holiday-themed television and can’t be bothered to do anything else unless it involves sports or shopping or food? Hmph.