BLA final assignment due sometime tomorrow (Wednesday).
Vocab assignment due in class Thursday. (You picked this up during final exam funtime, remember?)

Tomorrow we have more presentations and Thursday we have one last thing we’ll do together. Any spillover presentations will go Thursday, too.

Rhetorical Analysis revisions are updated in skyward. There are no comments, but if you want your essay back, ask.

MC and short-shorts are in skyward, not test corrections or written responses, or that thing you had to draw. Those things will gradually make their way into the gradebook this week/weekend. Your revised revision essays are a work in progress. I’ve had time to look at, like, six of them. Be patient. Knowing your grade today, or tomorrow, or Thursday is really no different than knowing it a week from now when grades are finally “due” and become finalized. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway. No negotiating. No more revisions. No more corrections. You’ve learned what you’ve learned and done what you’ve done. It’s like that cliche about chips falling where they may or whatever. In the end, grades really don’t matter anyway. I know your counselor is breathing down your neck about your grades and maybe your parents are too. They are well-intentioned, but only you can really assess what you have learned and what is of value to you.