Does it seem weird to anyone else that Monday will come with completely new schedules? New courses, new faces, new stresses. I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Then again, if this ice-rain/snow keeps on keeping on maybe we’ll have a snow day! Doubtful, I know, but they say it’s good to dream. I keep checking for your usual Sunday posts and except for a few of you dedicated bloggers, there are none. Not even the send-off posts I encouraged you to write. Do something for the sake of closure. Or don’t because you spent the day napping and plan to watch a movie tonight instead because it’s between semesters and–finally–you have no homework. I get it. I do.


I hope you will keep writing in some way. It doesn’t have to be your blog, you can abandon it if you want to, but keep writing. You have all improved so much from those summer “Why I write” pieces. Your revision essays (after I scared the bejesus out of you and you went back to the drawing board) turned into really good pieces. Your writing is something that will change as you change and with each new challenge, you’ll grow just a little bit more. Remember what Orwell said? By the time you’ve perfected any style of writing you have always outgrown it.

Ah, Orwell. I’m thinking about tattooing Orwell on one wrist and Bitzer on the other. What do you think? JK. But only sort of. Well, only about the Bitzer part. Orwell has about wisdom to offer and has taught me nearly everything I know that it would be fitting. But still…no. 

By the way, your vocab sentences were hilarious. I sent a few of the Mr. Motes’ mustache ones to Mr. Motes. He enjoyed them.