Normally I would post something strikingly witty and brilliant here, but summer still has dominion over my brain, and as such, I can come up with nothing more than: Usfbq3287rytfghbvjjzkd,djfa8.

Still, though, I am thrilled that you have found the blog and I will encourage you to bookmark it or make it your home page so that you get into the habit of checking it ALL THE TIME. We also have a Moodle page that you should get comfy with and there’s a website and there’s another website. I know this is confusing. I will streamline it all and we’ll figure it out.

For now, just find these places and make a note to yourself about how to find them again.

Find “The Rhetorical Situation” by Lloyd Bitzer. Read this for tomorrow. You may print if there is enough paper. Otherwise you’re on your own there. Digital copies with digital annotations are fine by me if you’re comfortable with that.

You will notice a thousand other documents including an old syllabus. Most of it is the same so it wouldn’t be a crisis if you looked at it, but you’ll get a pretty new one tomorrow in class.

Note the cartoon. What argument does it make? How? How is it meant to be interpreted?

What is on September 21st at 8:00 PM? Take to the interwebs to learn more about this. What did you find? What do you think? How is this an argument?

I would say browse some of the fun things I have linked on my blog, but many of them will probably be blocked because they do not, at first glance, appear to be educational. But they are.

Now it’s time for you to create your own blog. I recommend Blogger since it’s all Google-connected and I’m familiar with it so I can help you out if need be, but you may use another platform if you prefer. I’m turning you loose to figure out how to do this on your own, but I will be here as a resource. You also have very smart, very capable classmates who can assist you (and I’m sure they’d love to). 

Make sure you give me a slice of paper with these things on it:

  • Your name/preferred nickname if this exists
  • Evidence that you found the things you were to find
  • Your blog’s URL and your blog’s name (you might not get this far today, that’s fine)

Happy first-day-after-summer-died!