Remember when you did those great rhetorical modes blogs? Me too. Go back to your writing for that assignment and select one mode that you explored and revise that tiny blurb into a full post. The idea is to use the same topic you used for the rhetorical modes assignment but you can pick a new one if you really want to. Oh, and feel free to supplement your writing with other modes (as this is nearly inevitable) but make sure one mode is dominant and intentional. Create a label for this post that clearly states the mode you’re playing with. (Labels option is immediately to the right of the posting text box. Just click it and type in the label: a mode.)

Other things. I will collect a CRJ from you next week (by Wednesday) so choose one that you did for an essay or article that we’ve read thus far. Options include:

  • Declaration of Independence
  • Gettysburg Address
  • Ain’t I a Woman
  • On Compassion
  • Million Dollar Murray
  • On Dumpster Diving
  • Tax Soda
  • A Modest Proposal

This CRJ is a normal CRJ and not a massive, guided CRJ like you did this summer for “Letter from Birmingham Jail” it should, however, be a clear demonstration of your close reading skills.

You may be wondering when you’re going to do some essay-writing. Rest assured that you already are flexing those muscles, whether you realize it or not, and that soon–very soon–you will be writing a full and proper essay. Details to come. First, we’re going to play with satire and such.

Happy weekend. Have fun and be safe.