Enjoy your long weekend, get a good start on your rhetorical analysis paper–if you never got around to signing up, email me your first and second choice.

The following articles are full for block 3:
“Super People”
“Culinary Elitism”

The following articles are full for block 4:
“Culinary Elite”
“Outboard Brain”

So pick another one. Remember, you have the option of selecting one on your own, just let me know what you’ve chosen. Remember the objective is to analyze the rhetoric; it’s not to attack or support the argument. We just did lots of practice with the Dan Kennedy piece. You even have a student sample essay. That was from this very assignment. It’s all about how the language works to persuade. Read you assignment sheet a million times. It’s all on there.

BLA on Tuesday.

Blog sometime over MEA. Open topic.