Hi. Sorry about the delay…things just happen sometimes.

This weekend, I’d like you to blog about fear. If this means you mull over the abstract concept of fear and wish to write about it that way, go nuts. If you’d rather write about things that scare you, or things that people generally find scary and explore why, sweet. If you end up writing about fear in some other capacity, that’s fine, too.

And if you get to scared during this process, just pause and look at this puppy:
Isn’t he just the ugliest puppy you’ve ever seen?

Speaking of fear, you all have this incredible fear of “failure” (and by “failure” I mean getting anything less than a perfect score on anything and everything). This is madness, people. I get why this happens, but at some point you’ve really got to settle down. This is just high school. This is where you are supposed to take risks and make mistakes and learn from them. But since I understand your neurosis, let me remind you that Monday will be a review/study day for our term final (course midterm). Bring in any/all materials you have and be prepared to make a mess of them and then re-organize them. This isn’t really a test you can study for in the traditional sense. You can, however, review certain materials and remind yourself how to analyze and read closely. Actually, all “studying” really ought to be just this. Tests are designed to measure what you have learned thus far. They should be sprung on you without warning to be accurate. But you all freak out too much and there’s too much emphasis placed on the results, so we’ve quit doing that. Instead we warn you well in advance so you can prepare, which isn’t a bad thing if it helps you learn the material more deeply.

Happy “studying” everyone!