Hi there.

This week, we’ve spent a great deal of time on detail, observation, description, careful crafting of language to communicate a specific tone/feeling/setting/etc. Yesterday, Seth was talking to you about a number of things, but chief among them was imagination. Creativity. Inspiration. I cannot tell you how it pains me to hear you all groan But I’m not creative! Because you are. You’ve just forgotten.

And I am going to force you to remember.

This weekend, I’m asking you to go find cool stuff on the internet and when something strikes you as interesting, unique, creative, inspiring, etc, use it to prompt your blog post. Perhaps you snoop around on Vimeo and find some crazy video that gets your imagination buzzing–embed it in a blog post in which you discuss what you dig about the video and/or how it inspires you and/or something that you wrote as inspired by said video. Cool Tumblr images might take the place of the video. Maybe it’s from YouTube and not Vimeo–that stuff doesn’t matter, the goal is to find something interesting and let it inspire you and then write about it. Maybe it will inspire you to dig out your finger paints–go for it. And then blog about it.

You and your big, beautiful brains need to remember how to create.

Here’s a super cool video to get you started:

The Vein / Magma from Dvein on Vimeo.