Among hundreds of frozen trees
the only cottage
was the cottage of the three bears.

I was of three minds
Like a table
at which there are three chairs.

The porridge steamed the chilly air
it was a small part of my ritual.

A girl and her porridge
Are one.
A girl and three bears and porridge
Are one.

Okay, that’s enough fun. This weekend, blog about whatever you want, but approach it in a few different ways. What do I mean? “Fifteen Comments on Cookie-Baking” or “Six Ways of Looking at Sledding” or Twenty Observations on Sleep” or something like that. The goal is to toy with structure and perspective. Change up the usual–what are some other angles to explore? What are the different components of something you do all the time? If you have a low number, those chunks should be a tad longish. If you have a high number, those chunks can be little.

Remember to read and CRJ Eric Liu’s essay “Notes of a Native Speaker” for Monday. It’s on our Moodle page and I’ll try to get it up on my website, too, but it’s been giving me fits.

BLA on Tuesday and get started with your author study. Holler if you decide to 86 your author and replace him or her with a new one.

Happy weekend.