Try to be 100% truthful this weekend. Just see how it goes. At the very least, take notice of how many times you bend, smother, or evade the truth…and consider why you do that. Write about it if you want to, but otherwise your blog post topic is open. You haven’t had one of those in a while.

For Monday, please read the essay “A Clack of Tiny Sparks” by Bernard Cooper (it’s on our Moodle page). CRJ it if you’d like. At some point next week (not Monday) I will collect a CRJ from you. Consider yourself warned. Pay specific attention to how he shapes the narrative and uses it to say something.

GET GOING ON YOUR AUTHOR STUDY. Before you leave for winter break, you must show me that you are making progress. I will ask to see your notes/annotations/CRJ type stuff probably on Thursday. I might publicly shame you if you have nothing.

Happy weekend.