For this weekend’s blog post, please offer a brief analysis and response to the argument your BLA selection presented. I would encourage you to find additional information/sources/perspectives on the topic discussed by your author(s) simply because it would be an interesting way to inform your response. There is no requirement to do so, I just think it would be good mental exercise.

At this point, you are pros when it comes to identifying and analyzing argument (right?) and you’ve pretty much always been pros at responding to stuff — you know, what do you think about x, y, z? stuff.  So this task should be straightforward for you.

A word about grades and the end of term cookiness of it all: As your grades are presently, they do not include: a) the most substantial piece of writing you’ve done this semester, b) the most substantial project you’ve done this semester, and c) a final exam that will be similar in substance and grade-impact potential as the term 1 final was. This means you can and should expect that your grade will most likely change. And if/when it does, and you think ugh, my grade went down-ah, that’s so unfair-ah, you must simply re-evaluate your logic: Your grade did not go down. Rather, your grade was incomplete before the input of this data. Now, it reflects your performance on these culminating, summative assessments.

I heart you all, and I’m pulling for you, but I simply will not tolerate whiny, last-minute grade-grubbing. I’ve been upfront with you about my expectations all semester. This is where that counts. If you are dissatisfied with your work on something, I sympathize. These things happen. We learn from it and we carry on. You are allowed to have a moment of tantrum, just please keep it to a minimum.

She’s mostly just sad about her haircut. I know, honey, I know.