Greetings all, 

For this first “official” blog post assignment, I’m gonna ask you to get fancy: embed a video. Blogger and YouTube like each other, so it’s pretty straightforward.

  1. Surf YouTube for a video clip of someone whose speech/speech patterns/delivery is funny to you. This can be anything–any medium–stand-up, movie clip, speech, TV show, etc. I ask that it be an actual human face though, not a cartoon or an animal. 
  2. Embed this video for us to enjoy and then
  3. talk about it: what is it about the delivery that makes it funny? Facial expression? Inflection? Context? Content? What’s going on here?

Don’t analyze to the point of it no longer being enjoyable, but get in there. Please have this posted before you walk in on Monday. I usually start looking for them on Sunday night, but until we have an established pattern, this is flexible. 


Happy blogging!