You guys. After I was all “I’m totally going to have your blog post assignment up this afternoon” I 100% forgot about it. As I’ve stated numerous times, I want your blog to a place for you to write about whatever you want to write about whenever you want to write, so my hope is that you post  when inspired to do so. As we roll on into term 2 and look at the writing process and do more of our own writing, I hope your blogs will become a place where you can play with language and take risks and try out techniques.

As for this weekend’s missing post, well, your final is tomorrow, so if you see this and need to vent about how stressful studying for final exams is, please use your blog as a place to do that. If you just need a break from other things, write about HOW INCREDIBLE THIS FALL WEATHER IS OH MY GOODNESS IT IS MY FAVORITE. Or skip is and keep on studying.

In short, posting optional.