I hope you enjoyed our Halloween Funtime and saw it for what it was: some stress relief and hidden learning. You all need some down time to re-group and I hope you get that this weekend.

So, about that essay on zombies. Klosterman has a prominent writing style and I’l like you to comment on that–what is it about how he writes that draws the audience in? What do you notice about his linguistic patterns? Look to diction, syntax, and tone for things to comment on. Then, please also comment on the argument he makes about “zombie culture” and what it maybe means to/for us. Finally, how are these two things (his argument and his style) connected? How do they work together?

One last thing: find an example of a zombie thing (or a vampire thing) in pop culture and comment on the argument it makes, or what the appeal is, or anything else rhetorically interesting you notice about it.

Enjoy scaring small children tonight and enjoy a couple days off.