Over break, you will scour your author’s work for evidence of style. You will become intimately familiar with the ins and outs of their writing. It seems like you all have a good handle on what you need to do…but now you need to do it. I didn’t see too many of you with substantial notes. I didn’t specifically ask to see substantial notes, but you really need them. Take them.

Once you have completed your remaining power writing essay(s) send me ONE EMAIL with the essay(s) attached as word documents or PDFs. If you send me a google docs link I will roll my eyes and not check yours until the very end because I hate google docs with the intensity of a thousand suns. Attachments please. Several of you have already sent me goole docs things. I have already rolled my eyes at this. Re-send as attachments and you shall be absolved.

Then, select one of your power writing essays to develop fully. Completely revise it. This is NOT just a matter of adding in some stuff and changing a few things. This is a full revision, people. Hack it into tiny bits and do it all over again. If it looks the same, reads the same, feels the same, you haven’t done what you need to do. There are no length or form limits, just write a damn good essay. We will workshop and revise further that week we get back.

Blogging! I’ll admit, I’ve let this slip past my radar a bit. I believe in it for developing voice in writing and so I want you to post to your blog twice over break. On anything you’d like. Holiday traditions. The absurdity of New Year’s resolutions, the beauty of winter sunlight on snow covered trees, your obnoxious cousin Tyler who just will not stop farting–whatever is going on in your world, blog it.

You have work to do. You really super need to do it, but do also find time to rest and play.

Be well.