Yeah, Write.

"That's not writing; that's just typing." –Truman Capote

Take-Home Final

Here is the video to which you must respond for the take-home portion of the term 1 final. 

Failed Again.

You guys. After I was all “I’m totally going to have your blog post assignment up this afternoon” I 100% forgot about it. As I’ve stated numerous times, I want your blog to a place for you to write about whatever you want to write about whenever you want to write, so my hope is that you post  when inspired to do so. As we roll on into term 2 and look at the writing process and do more of our own writing, I hope your blogs will become a place where you can play with language and take risks and try out techniques.

As for this weekend’s missing post, well, your final is tomorrow, so if you see this and need to vent about how stressful studying for final exams is, please use your blog as a place to do that. If you just need a break from other things, write about HOW INCREDIBLE THIS FALL WEATHER IS OH MY GOODNESS IT IS MY FAVORITE. Or skip is and keep on studying.

In short, posting optional.


Are you the 99%?

The documentary we watched makes a number of arguments about the political, social, and economic circumstances in which we currently find ourselves. And it does so in a variety of ways. Please comment 1) on the reaction you had while watching — as an audience for the film, how did it affect you? — and 2) on something related to the composition of the film — as a writer/student of writing, what techniques did you notice the film employing? How did they work? Feel free to take this prompt loosely and write about this however you are pulled to.

Have a great weekend.

On Creativity

Happy Friday, everyone.

This weekend’s blog post is all about creativity. You can approach this subject however you feel compelled to. Watch this video (at least the first two minutes) to give you a push. Perhaps you’ll end up writing a definition essay “on creativity,” an exploration of what it means to be creative, what the creative process requires, whatever you feel drawn to. Include an image in your post. Long enough to matter. Not so long that people would give up scrolling. We have attention-span issues. Check out Moodle for your homework (another rhetorical precis). Enjoy your weekend!

Weekend. Sunshine.

Y’all, it’s going to be beautifully warm and sunny this weekend. Get out there and enjoy it. You’re blog post prompt is this: write about whatever you’d like. There’s no length requirement, but lean into it a little. Write about something cohesively. Give it some shape. Make is more than a few piddly sentences. Play with your blog some more.

Happy Weekend.



What do you think is the most significant problem facing modern society? Why? What should we do about it? CAN anything be done? Explain.

For this weekend’s blog post, I’m asking you to identify a problem and potentially offer a solution. This, on the heels of “A Modest Proposal” should get you thinking about the nature of proposals. We will continue to explore this form of discourse and the rhetoric therein next week with a discussion of the homework reading (“Bad Food? Tax it! And Subsidize Vegetables”) and some other examples. You’ll do a bit of writing next week, too.

Remember, your BLA meetings will be Monday and Wednesday instead of Tuesday and Thursday.

Happy Weekend.


Greetings all, 

For this first “official” blog post assignment, I’m gonna ask you to get fancy: embed a video. Blogger and YouTube like each other, so it’s pretty straightforward.

  1. Surf YouTube for a video clip of someone whose speech/speech patterns/delivery is funny to you. This can be anything–any medium–stand-up, movie clip, speech, TV show, etc. I ask that it be an actual human face though, not a cartoon or an animal. 
  2. Embed this video for us to enjoy and then
  3. talk about it: what is it about the delivery that makes it funny? Facial expression? Inflection? Context? Content? What’s going on here?

Don’t analyze to the point of it no longer being enjoyable, but get in there. Please have this posted before you walk in on Monday. I usually start looking for them on Sunday night, but until we have an established pattern, this is flexible. 


Happy blogging!

New Year, New Blog.

I’ve been blogging for a handful of years now, and the time has come to shake things up. I just moved my blog from blogger to wordpress, re-routed to my own domain, and am now trying to learn the ropes of this new and unfamiliar platform. My goal is to streamline our online experience so you don’t have thirty-seven places to visit. (How much would you hate it if you had to visit my blog, my website, our moodle page, something on that ebackpack place, and other such digital rooms? I know. I really want to make this intuitive and simple.)

Now, having said that, we’re gonna have to be flexible. We have moodle. That’s a thing that doesn’t seem to be going away. I don’t like it. I keep hearing that students don’t like it. Still, though, it persists. We may use it (if I can’t get this blog to function as a document library then we will have to) but it won’t be an all-the-time thing. I will use this blog to communicate your weekly blog assignments and to expose you to a host of other cool things. Some academic. Some not at all academic. I mentioned a document library: part of the reason I made the switch is that I can embed documents here and I cannot (at least not as easily) do that over on blogger. So, here’s hoping. 

Time to update all the things. 


Please view the prezi on Modernism and take good notes. You are responsible for learning and remembering this information. Also, you should praise me for making such a beautiful prezi.

Modernism Prezi

You’re working your way through NaPoWriMo, and soon you’ll be thinking about your portfolio project so there are lots of things up in the air. I am aware of this, but you will still have some homeworky things to do from time to time. Your pastiche poem (you got the handout today in class) is due Thursday, and as we begin reading The Waste Land, you’ll have some things to do in preparation for class and as extensions of our conversations. But it is amazing so get over it.

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